Center Amenities

swimming pool

Our lap pool is 3'6" (no dips or slopes), open during regular fitness center hours and has a lifeguard on duty at all times, Everyone can have access to pool equipment (heart rate monitors, noodles, buoys, hydro tone equipment, water shoes, fins, etc...).

  • Towel Service - Shower towels (available at the front desk) and workout towels (located on the fitness floor) are provided to our members at no charge. We ask that members take only one shower towel. Members may use as many workout towels as necessary. We ask that you deposit all dirty towels in the bins provided at the front desk and on the fitness floor.
  • Lockers - Private lockers are available in the locker rooms. These lockers have keys attached to pins; we ask that members do not bring their own locks. The lockers are first come, first serve, and belongings must be removed at the end of your workout. Permanent lockers (kit lockers) are available for a one time charge of $15. These lockers may be purchased at the front desk.
  • Amenities in Locker Rooms - Body wash is provided in all showers. Both locker rooms are equipped with hair dryers. The women’s locker room has three private dressing areas. There is also a swimsuit wringer in the women's shower area. In the men’s shower, plastic bags are provided for wet swim trunks.
  • Vending Area – The vending area has four different vending machines, including a snack machine, a soda machine, and a water/juice machine. A microwave oven and a small refrigerator are available for members’ convenience. (All items are discarded nightly.)
  • Guest Policy - Guests may visit the Fitness Center for a cost of $5 per day. Guests must be at least 18 years of age, and be eligible for membership (see Getting Started). All guests must go through the same screening process as regular members. In some cases, a physician’s clearance may be required before the guest may use the facility.

Additional Services

  • General Fitness Assessment - A general fitness assessment is available by appointment. This is done with one of our Fitness Specialists, and usually lasts an hour for the entire battery of tests. The GFA includes assessment of: body fat, flexibility, strength, and/or cardiovascular fitness. Appointments may be made at the front desk or by calling 243-9404.
  • Program Update – As your goals change, our fitness specialists are available to make recommendations for your current fitness program or to assist you in learning how to use different equipment or begin a strength training program. Please stop by the front desk or call 243-9404 to make an appointment.
  • Introduction to Fitness Classes – If you want to take an organized fitness class but you’re not sure which one best meets your needs, please call Erica Millender-Stephens at 243-0768. This one-on-one consultation will help you become familiar with the terminology used in class and the skill level required.
  • Introduction to Water Walking– If you want some assistance learning how to design a water exercise routine, please call Erica Millender-Stephens at 243-0768. You can learn how to use the foam weights, paddles, hand webs, and foam noodles in your routine. You do not have to know how to swim because the pool is only 3 ½ feet deep the entire length.
  • We offer water aerobics and water boot camp classes free of charge.
  • We can provide individual swim lesson packages. Packages are $40 for 4-30 min. sessions.

*The above services are provided free of charge.

Other Services Available for an Additional Fee

  • Swim Lessons - Private swim instruction is available for an additional fee. Please call Erica Millender-Stephens at 243-0768 for more information.
  • Personal Training – If you desire one-on-one instruction for your work out, you may want to consider personal training. This service is coordinated by TriHealth Personal Fitness services. Various packages are available for purchase. Call 243-9404 for more information.
  • Individualized Nutrition Consults – The GE Fitness Center has a Registered Dietitian on staff. Private consults are available to GE Aircraft Engines employees. Call 243-9404 for more information.