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classes - group fitnessWe offer a variety of safe, challenging and fun group fitness classes led by certified group fitness professionals.  From Bootcamp to Yoga to Zumba, group fitness classes can add variety to your current workout or they can be a stepping stone to starting your fitness program.  All group fitness classes are included in your membership. No registration required for classes, spinning class passes are handed out 15 minutes prior to class time.

  • January 2020 Group Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Water Fitness

Aquacore and More: This low impact water fitness class emphasizes toning, stretching, core work and cardiovascular conditioning. Participants work at their own intensity.

Shallow 130: This is a high intensity, low impact water fitness class where the music tempo is set to the fast pace of 130 beats per minute. Experience cardio and muscle endurance intervals.

Hydropower: Plan to work up a sweat in the water. This high calorie burn class will strengthen and improve your cardiovascular fitness through interval training, use of Hydrotone equipment and water running.

H2O fit: This low-impact water fitness class uses equipment to achieve a total body conditioning workout.

Freestyle Swim Clinic: Learn how to improve your stroke and become a more efficient swimmer. (Sign-ups are required)

Mind & Body

Pilates: A mat based class designed to increase flexibility, strength and control of the core muscles.

Baby Back Yoga: Learn how to strengthen your back muscles and relieve stress and tension through gentle stretching.

Advanced Hatha Yoga: Learn how to calm the mind, regain focus and mentally live in serenity while taking your Yoga poses to the next level. Learn advanced asanas through variations and sequences to keep yourself challenged.


CoreSpin: Looking for the ultimate challenge? Class starts with 40 minutes of spinning, followed by 20 minutes of core and strength training. It will challenge your core strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Heartcycles, Spin Intervals, Spin Blast, Spin 45 and Sunrise Spin: You will burn calories, get lean, increase lower body strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance. This class incorporates aerobic endurance intervals, anaerobic threshold intervals, hills, strength and speed play.

Total Body Conditioning

Muscle Mania: A bootcamp style designed to make your muscles WORK! Challenge your muscles to the max—build strength, build endurance and tone up!

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training: This class is a total body workout that improves strength and cardiovascular fitness with timed periods of high-low intensity training.

Tone…Move: This cardio class will get your heart pumping with lots of workout variety. It also includes sculpting of the arms, legs and core exercises.

CHISEL: This class will sculpt and strengthen your entire body, fast! It will challenge all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl.

Tabata: Each interval only lasts four minutes…but those four minutes produce remarkable effects. The intervals: push hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat! The secret to success: go all out for those 20 seconds.

Zumba Dance: Ditch the workout, join the party! An exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, Latin-inspired dance fitness party. No dance experience is required.

Step: If you like step aerobics, this class is for you. You will experience 30 minutes of stepping, 15 minutes of Tabata (20 seconds high intensity, 10 second rest intervals) and 15 minutes of stretching.

Cardio Groove: Take a step back to choreographed cardio aerobics. Enjoy 30-40 minutes of major calorie burn followed by strengthening exercises for a total body blast!

POWER FIT: This ultimate total body workout will improve strength and cardiovascular fitness using interval training, agility and plyometric training, and strength training.

Kickbox Bootcamp: The best of both worlds—kickboxing and bootcamp. This high energy class combines the principles of kickboxing with the intensity of bootcamp.

Note: Please inform the instructor if you are a new participant or if you have a medical condition that may affect your workout or requires special modification. Thank you and enjoy your class!

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