Success Stories Contest

How has the Fitness Center positively impacted your life?  Have you reached a goal or achieved results that you would like to share? 

Member success stories are an inspiration not only to our staff, but to fellow members.  Each month we would like to share a member’s success story on our website, to help inspire others.  Who knows, you may be the extra push or motivation that someone needs to cross the finish line of his/her goal. 

So, have you lost weight, built muscle, finished a race you never thought you could, overcome a medical obstacle or come off medicine due to your dedication to exercise?  Anything big or small-- success comes in all sizes.  We want to hear what achievements you have made since being a member at the fitness center.

Need some incentive?   Anyone who submits a success story and is featured on the website will be entered into a drawing at the end of the year! 

To submit your story, please email Paula at or talk to any of our staff members.