What should I wear for my workout?

Shirts and closed toe shoes are required.  Loose, comfortable clothing and rubber soled shoes (gym shoes) are recommended.

Are there specific “rules of etiquette” for the fitness floor? 


  • Please remove all weights from the machines and return them to the weight racks.
  • Limit your workout to 30 minutes on each piece of cardiovascular equipment.
  • Wipe off the equipment after use.  Gym wipes are provided throughout the fitness floor.
  • Please be courteous.  Do not rest or loiter on equipment between sets.  Let other members work their sets between yours.
  • Please be aware of runners/walkers on the indoor track and use the appropriate lane.
  • Please observe the posted closing times.  The building closes at 8pm Monday-Thursday; 7pm on Friday and 1pm on Saturday.  All members must vacate the building by these times.
  • Fitness Center equipment is for use within the fitness center; please do not take equipment outside.
  • For everyone’s safety, please do not use the group fitness floor when class is in session. 
  • Please be respectful of our equipment and machines by not slamming or dropping weights.

May I bring a guest

Yes!  Guests must be eligible for membership.  Completed health history and prescreening required.  In some cases, a physician’s clearance may be needed.  Guest membership is $5 per day or $15 per month.

I’m having trouble with my workout. Can someone help me? 

We have professional and experienced fitness specialists available to help. Fitness specialists are always around the fitness floor if you have a question about your workout, how to do an exercise, etc.  You can also schedule an appointment with the fitness specialist to talk specifically about your workout and goals.  From this the specialist will be able to create a workout plan tailored specifically to your needs.

How long is the track? 

The outdoor track is ½ mile.  If you include the grassy field across the road the length is .8 of a mile.  The indoor track is 1/14th of a mile.

Can I use the spinning bikes for my own workout?

For the safety of our members and to keep the integrity of the bikes, we ask members to refrain from using the spinning bikes outside of scheduled spinning classes. 

I’m looking for a space to stretch, relax and meditate. Can I use the studio?

Yes!  Outside of scheduled group fitness classes, the studio may be used for personal workouts, DVD led workouts and/or meditation.  Please inform the receptionist that you will be in the studio so that a staff member can check on you periodically.

I’m interested in using the pool.  Any etiquette rules I should be aware of? 


  • Appropriate swimsuits are required.
  • Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Please be considerate to other swimmers and share lanes during busy times.
  • Any person with an obvious infectious wound should not enter the pool.
  • Water walkers should share lanes 1 and 2 (the wider lane).  Use lane 6 if a class is in progress.  Lanes 3, 4 and 5 are reserved for swimmers.

What is the distance of the pool? 

One length of the pool is 25 yards (wall to wall). One lap is 50 yards.  To swim one mile in the pool, you will swim either 68 lengths or 34 laps. 

Do I need to register or pay for group fitness classes?

There is no fee for classes.  All classes are included with your membership.  You do not need to register for classes with the exception of spinning.  Spinning class passes are handed out at the front desk 15 minutes prior to the start of class.  A spin pass is required for all spinning classes.