Our Team


Doug Meece

Fitness Center Supervisor

Certifications and Specialized Education: University of Mt. St. Joseph; Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education.
Experience: Experience: TriHealth employee for 30 years, 33 Years of experience in Corporate Fitness, Doug had the privilege of being one of the original staff at the GEFC when it opened in 1985. Doug is currently responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility.
Fitness Philosophy: In my opinion, being physically fit means your health does not stop you from doing what you want to do on a daily basis. Regular exercise allows all of us to live life to the fullest!

DuWayne Scott

DuWayne Scott

Facilities Operations Asst Supervisor; Fitness Floor Supervisor

Certifications and Specialized Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, NSCA CSCS
Fitness Experience: GE Fitness Floor Supervisor; Queen City Racquet & Fitness Club Personal Trainer (2001-2013); Assistant Varsity Strength Coach Ohio University (1999-2000)
Fitness Philosophy: “The best thing you can do for your health is move.  What you put in to your health is what you get out.”
Email: duwayne.scott@ge.com 

Mary Luning office specialist

Mary Luning

Office Specialist Group Fitness Instructor 

Certifications and Specialized Education: Elite Certified Group Fitness Instructor; NFHS certified coach
Experience: 18 years office and accounting experience at GE Fitness Center; Group Fitness Instructor for 25 years at various corporate facilities throughout Cincinnati; High school  and Jr. Olympic volleyball and softball coach for past 20 years; sports training at local high schools. 
Fitness Philosophy: “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all.”  -Joe Namath
Email: mary.luning@ge.com   

Erica Millender-Stephens

Erica Millender-Stephens

Assistant Supervisor, Aquatics & Group Fitness, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Certifications and Specialized Education: Masters of Art in Management; Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science; ACE Certified Personal Trainer; AEA Water Instructor; Elite Group Fitness  Instructor
Fitness Experience: GE Fitness Specialist(2005-present);  Dayton Area Heart and Cancer Association Fitness Specialist (1999-2005)
Fitness Philosophy: You have to take care of the whole person, not just one part. Exercise is a piece of the puzzle– I hope to help my clients put all the pieces together!
Email: erica.millender-stevens@ge.com  

Ashley Hodge

Ashley Hodge

Fitness Specialist; Group Fitness Instructor

Certifications and Specialized Education: Bachelor of Science in Recreation & Fitness with a minor in Dance; AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor; Certified Zumba and Dance Instructor
Fitness Experience: GE Fitness Specialist; Fitness Specialist with TriHealth since 2010; Dance Instructor for the Deer Park Dance Program teaching dancers ages kindergarten through high school. 
Fitness Philosophy: Nothing is stronger than a habit; make smart choices to create healthy habits.
Email: ashleylynn.hodge@ge.com  

Brandon Schleibaum

Brandon Schleibaum

Fitness Tech

Certifications and Specialized Education: Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Exercise and Fitness
Fitness Experience: GE Fitness Technician; TriHealth Fitness Specialist
Fitness Philosophy: My goal as a personal trainer is to help people understand their potential.  A lot of people will say, “I could never do that,” or “I’m too old for that.”  The truth is that you would be amazed at the things you can do.  Do not let self-doubt or fear of failure stop you from living up to your potential.  Embrace your fear and use it as motivation to overcome barriers both in and out of the gym.
Email: brandon.schleibaum@ge.com  

Nancy Kolb

Nancy Kolb

Wellness Supervisor

Wellness Team

Education: Master of Science in Organizational Leadership; Bachelor of Science in Health and Sport Studies
Experience: 18 years of experience at GE Aviation, as well as other corporate clients and educational institutions
Wellness Philosophy: Happiness is the ultimate currency. Figuring out what makes you happy will lead to abundant wealth.
Email: nancy.kolb@ge.com  


Emily Swisshelm

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Education: Master of Education in Health Promotion and Education; Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
Experience: 5 years of experience with Corporate and Community Wellness
Wellness Philosophy: Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Healthy living starts out for many as a major challenge in life. But when it comes down to it, exercise, eating healthy, and managing stress is not something that needs to be implemented into a person’s life; it is a way of life. Healthy living is a lifestyle.
Email: emily.swisshelm@ge.com